Dread Legionnaires

In November 2015 I started my latest larger project of a complete unit. This time twenty Dread Legionnaires (or Dreadspears as they were called in 8th Edition) should be painted. For the colour scheme I stayed to my black-white-red routine, but I had help. I used the excellent painting tutorial from the user „Naggarond“ over on druchii.net.

So after starting in November and making really good progress, putting in a lot of time and effort I still needed nearly three months to complete twenty models. So the absolute upper boundary seems to be seven models per month for me, which helps me planning my next projects.

So I started with the metal dry brush: DSC_5244

Afterwards I added the highlights to the metal parts. I left out some of the parts with the golden highlights and instead did a quick watered wash on some of the helmets.DSC_5245 Once again, I replaced any colours with red. However as Khorne Red mixes really bad with black, I used Mephiston Red instead and mixed it with black to get a really dark red tone, which is significantly in real light than here on the photos: DSC_5265

As you can see, my champion got some additional metal highlights with Griffin Gold, to make him stand-out a little more in his silver-brass-golden armour.DSC_5266

For the shields I decided on the skulls as decoration. Afterwards I noticed, I want to make the eyeholes red. Would have been much easier to do this before glueing the skulls to the shield. The edges I highlighted as instructed with grey tones that have a slightly blueish hue.DSC_5711

For the skin I used Daemonette Skin as base and then highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh. The skulls on the shields were done with drybrushing white, sometime with a little more colour, sometimes with a little less. At first I tried to correct the differences, then I noticed, that the difference gave the unit a little bit diversiveness and worked with that.


The Champion

DSC_5715_2 DSC_5713_2 DSC_5713 DSC_5712


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