Dread Reaper – Copper Cutter

After missing the painting challenge deadline, I hurried up to actually finish the second Dread Reaper.

Although I was very happy how the Bleak Spear turned out, I wanted the second Dread Reaper to be clearly distinguishable from the first one. Additionally I wanted to try some new painting recipes and made heavy use of the bronze, brass and copper paints.


For this Dread Reaper I wanted to do the following things:

  • Get used to the copper and brass armour parts
  • Create a contrast to the other Reaper, but stay in line with the army colour scheme
  • Once more focus on layering, not on drybrushing

So for the crew I used:

  • Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey, Nuln Oil and Dawnstone to do the black robes. This didn’t change, but now the greater parts of the robes was in this colour scheme, giving me more areas to practice.
  • Celestial Grey, Nuln Oil and Praxetti White for the white robes. This was also already present, now I needed to be more careful during drybrushing, as the scarfs have less room for error.
  • Warplock Bronze, Agrax Earthshade, Brass Scorpion, Runelord Brass for the metal.


I was mostly satisfied with the result, except the last layer. The Runelord Brass didn’t really seem to add anything. On the other side I am really making progress with the Dread Elf skin tone, which I seem to get more constantly right.


As the Dread Reaper itself lacks a third colour and the crew is also metal, black, grey, and white, I coloured up the accessories of the crew a little bit, adding red, blue, and a little yellow.


Using brass and copper tones instead of the silver metallic tones, this Reaper is called the Copper Cutter.


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