On a cold Thursday afternoon I arrived at the place where my good friend Kai setup his camera equipment. After seeing my feeble attempts to produce some good pictures of my painted models with my smartphone camera, he offered to make some „real“ pictures. I had a great time and walked away with a stunning set of pictures, which make my models look better than they actually look.

The Hunting Chariot

This one was quite hard to paint. I had to base and colour all parts on their own and push back the assembly quite a bit, as otherwise I’d be unable to paint a lot of the models‘ parts. I stayed true to my colour scheme, so black, grey and white dominate with some dark red mixed in. The Cloak got the same colour scheme as those of the Corsairs. For the black chariot, I only highlighted the edges with Eshin Grey and Dawnstone.

The Crew up Close              dunkelelfen-9 dunkelelfen-8

For the Hair I used a watered down wash for the first time and layered again afterwards. I am quite happy with the result, and will likely use that recipe again. Instead of drybrushing, I chose to layer the armour of the femaile crew member.

The Horses

dunkelelfen-4With Colour Filter

dunkelelfen-11 The Cart

dunkelelfen-6 dunkelelfen-1 dunkelelfen-2

The Whole Thing



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