Bleak Legion Photoshooting: Dread Elf Raiders

On a cold Thursday afternoon I arrived at the place where my good friend Kai setup his camera equipment. After seeing my feeble attempts to produce some good pictures of my painted models with my smartphone camera, he offered to make some „real“ pictures. I had a great time and walked away with a stunning set of pictures, which make my models look better than they actually look.

Dread Elf Raiders

Dark Acolytesdunkelelfen-31

All in all I painted two unit of Dark Acolytes, each one with a champion. These are the latest additions to my painted models and took a long, long time. Again the final assembly was very late, as I painted horses first, then the torsos and heads seperately. To distinguish them one champion (above) has a blue mask and violet hair, while the other one (below) sticks to the red of my army. I also build the models, that five horses would stand more to the front of the base and the others to the back. So if I field a Dark Acolytes combat block, I will be able to line them up properly.


Dark Raiders

Quite some time ago I painted these. Despite not being of the highest quality painting-wise, I like them very much, as they represent my armies colour scheme almost perfectly. The horses are anything between black and white and have a slightly ghost-y feeling. The riders are only a little bit different and almost blend with the horses, despite some metallic colours in their armour and the occasional red here and there.



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