Despite being on of the first painting projects I did, I still like how the Corsairs turned it. This is probably due to the Dragon Scale Cloak, which is easy to paint and produces nice results, as well as doing the Command Group a good while afterwards.

The Corsairs

The mantles were quite easy, as I copied the awesome colour scheme of „Lord Drakkon“ over on (see his PLOG: That meant black base, drybrush with Mechanics Standard Grey, then drybrush with White Scar. The doing some stripes with Nuln Oil. For the rest I was just starting out, trying different methods to highlight the robes, helms and weapons.

Swirling Meleedunkelelfen-12

Looking at the Corsairs from behind the Cloaks form a mish-mash of scales and stripes making it hard to focus on a single Corsair. How can they possibly not have the Ambush rule?

Getting Personaldunkelelfen-13

Really close with the Champion, while the sun is rising (a little colour filter applied here). I especially like how the skin turned out.

Command Groupdunkelelfen-14

The command group in all its glory. Sad how those always stay on the shelf for me. I like how the banner turned out to be all gritty.

Corsairs, Corsairs, Corsairsdunkelelfen-16


I do like this one very much, the sun just rising in the east, casting a yellow-ish glow on the Corsairs, who are ready to enslave the enemy.dunkelelfen-17 dunkelelfen-16 dunkelelfen-15




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