Bleak Legion Photoshooting: Followers of Nabh

Following up on my photoshooting series, this is the next installment featuring the deadly followers of Nabh, including the Blades of Nabh and a Cult Priest. Kai made all the amazing pictures and his ability on the camera surely made a world of difference.

Blades of Nabhdunkelelfen-27

Quite some time back I painted those „lovely“ ladies. It was the first time ever I used a white base and I made several mistakes along the way. In the end I think the result was worth my efforts and I learned a ton along the way. But painting those scrunchies (apparently that’s what those things in the hair are called): Definitely not fun.

Cult Priestessdunkelelfen-28

I like the model very much. The hair stands out fantastically so you can always spot the character in the unit, while not having too much going on in the model. At some point in time I decided to name her ‚Lily‘ and sticked with it. The model used to be a Cult High Priestess quite often in the overpowered days of 0.9 and 0.10. Now she often stands on my Divine Altar.


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