The last game in my old flat saw a visit of EM and his Vermin Swarm. Since time was short we played 2500 points only.


  • Oracle – General, Wizard Master, 3 additional Spells, Cosmology, Arcane Familiar, Ironcurse Charm
  • Captain – Battle Standard Bearer, Raptor Chariot, Heavy Armour, Shield, Lance, Midnight Cloak
  • 18x Repeater Auxiliaries – Shields, Full Command
  • 9x Dark Raiders – Repeater Crossbows
  • Raptor Chariot
  • Kraken
  • Dread Reaper

Vermin Swarm

  • Tyrant – General, Dark Shard Brew, Ogre Sword, Shield, Heavy Armour, Dragon Mantle
  • Master – Battle Standard Bearer, Mithril Mail, Great Sword
  • Rakachit Machinist
  • 30x Vermin Guard – Full Command
  • 25x Slaves
  • 25x Slaves
  • 3x Vermin Hulks
  • Dreadmill
  • Vermin Artillery – Katapult
  • Weapon Team – Rotary Gun
  • Weapon Team – Globe Launcher

Battlefield, Magic & Deployment

For terrain we rolled the general map number 5. As we were only playing with 56% of the usual points we cut off the battle field by 24“ on one side. Chance determined it to be the right side.

Deployment type turned out to be refused Flank (which because of the square field was less refused and more diagonal). Secondary Objective is secure target, which is quite interesting on refused Flank, as you actually have to put your marker a lot more closer to the enemy.

I won the die roll for choosing sides and got me the one corner with the nice hill.

EM put the objective to the centre, I placed mine as far away possible from any Deployment I’d like to make. As we both had no spare scoring units I was hoping to invalidate this marker and control the easier one for me.

Oracle rolled 1,1,3,4 for Spells. I went for the cheapest available Spells and decided upon

  • Altered Sight
  • Touch of the Heart
  • Ice and Fire
  • Perception of Strength

Deployment: After I put the no Brainer Dread Reaper on the hill EM opted to deploy everything of his force except the Dread Mill. In Turn I Deployed my force completely. Raiders to the right to circle round the building. BSB and Kraken to the left where they would most likely encounter the Dreadmill, and I was right, EM deployed it just there. After Deployment EM rolls for his Dark Shard brew and gets Lightning Reflexes for his Vermin Guard at the cost of two models.

With +1 to begin I won the die roll for first Turn.

Dread Elves – Turn 1

Movement: On the left side I moved Kraken and BSB so that they would be able to charge the Dreadmill if it rolled an average distance. The Repeaters were already in range for the Globe Launcher and Slaves so they stood still. The Raiders moved into 12“ of the Slaves to get off some good shots.

Magic: 6+5, I channel.

Altered Sight on Repeaters (6+4+3) is successful and gets me the Cosmos counter. Fire on the Globe Launcher (5+4+1) is dispelled with all six dice. Touch of the Heart (3+1+1) on the Globe Launcher deals one wound and earns me the Chaos counter. The magic phase is ended then, switching my counter to Cosmos once more.


  • BSB shoots on Dreadmill: No wounds.
  • Raptor Chariot on Globe Launcher: One wound and kills it.
  • Repeater Auxiliaries on Slaves: 9 wounds which is the exact average
  • Dread Reaper on Rotary Gun: No wounds.

Close Combat: None

Vermin Swarm – Turn 1

Movement: Slaves charge Dark Raiders. Stand & Shoot is phenomenal and kills five during the charge, but the Slaves don’t panic and make the charge. The Dreadmill moves eight inches towards the BSB, keeping it well within a nice charge range of my Captain on Raptor Chariot. The Vermin Hulks are blocked from moving forward unless they take the potential shot from the Dreadmill. So everything else from the Vermin Swarm mostly stays behind.

Magic: 3+2, no channel. Hand of Heaven on Repeater Auxiliaries (6+6+3+1) miscasts and the spell is lost. The spell kills two Repeaters.


  • Dreadmill rolls for strength and generates three hits with Strength 4 on the BSB Chariot, none of them wound.
  • Rotary Gun on Raptor Chariot: Generates 4+4+1 shots, has a malfunction and kills itself.
  • Vermin Artillery on Repeater Auxiliaries: Hits and kills two.

Close Combat: The Dark Raiders kill five Slaves, then the Slaves and the Horses attack simultaneously. The Horses kill four more, the Slaves only one Dark Raider. The Slaves break and are gone.

Dread Elves – Turn 2

Movement: BSB and Kraken charge the Dreadmill on 6+ and 9+. Both make it into close combat while the Kraken moves deftly through the Ruins and avoids scratching itself on some sharp edges. The Dark Raiders move up into the flank of the Vermin Guard.

Magic: 6+4, Skaven channel. Fire on Slaves (6+5+4) makes three wounds on them. Perception of Strength on BSB (4+3+1) is dispelled (6+5+4). Altered Sight on Repeater Auxiliaries (6+5+4) is not dispelled (4+3+2+1).

Shooting: Repeaters kill more Slaves, Raptor Chariot misses on Vermin Guard.

Close Combat: Between impact hits, multiple wounds from Midnight Cloak and the attacks from the BSB and the crew, the Dreadmill is dead even before the Kraken or the Dreadmill can attack. Both units reform.

Vermin Swarm – Turn 2

Movement: Vermin Hulks charge the Kraken on 8+ but fail (2+1). Vermin Guard charges the Raptor Chariot on 10+, but also fails (3+3).

Magic: 6+3, Dread Elves channel. Cleansing Fire (5+5+5+4+4) is successful against seven dice on dispel. Glory of Gold succeeds on the Vermin Guard as well.


  • Breath Weapon on Raiders: Kills two.
  • Vermin Artillery on Repeaters: Malfunction, cannot shoot this or next turn.

Close Combat: None.

Dread Elves – Turn 3

Movement: The BSB and Kraken both charge the Verminhulks. Only the Kraken makes it. The Raptor Chariot in the centre moves backwards and the Dark Raiders squeeze themselves behind the Vermin Guard for a next turn charge on the Catapult.

Magic: 6+3, no channel. Perception of Strength on Verminhulks (5+3+1) is successful. Altered Sight on Hulks (5+5+3) is not dispelled (1+1+3+4). Ice on Vermin Guard fails (1+1). Touch of the Heart fails as well (1).


  • Dread Reaper on Slaves: Two wounds.
  • Raptor Chariot on Vermin Guard: No wounds.
  • Repeater Auxiliaires on Vermin Guard: One wound.
  • Slaves panic and flee

Close Combat: Kraken deals three wounds, the Hulks none. The Hulks do not break though.

Vermin Swarm – Turn 3

Movement: Vermin Guard advances in full haste.

Magic: 3+2, no channel. Glory of Gold is successful, but Cleansing Fire is dispelled.

Shooting: None.

Close Combat: Hulks deal no wounds, the Kraken kills all.

Dread Elves – Turn 4

Movement: Dark Raiders charge Catapult (auto-in), Kraken, BSB and Raptor Chariot charge Vermin Guard. Kraken and Chariot make it, BSB does not. Repeater Auxiliaries move backwards.

Magic: 6+6, Vermin Swarm channels. Touch the Heart (2+1) on Kraken is successful. Altered Sight on Vermin Guard (5+4+2) is dispelled (5+4+4+2) costing my my cosmos counter. Perception of Strength on Vermin Guard (4+1+1+1) fails.

Shooting: None.

Close Combat: Raptor Chariot impact hits kill four Vermin Guard. Then the Tyrant deals four wounds to the Raptor Chariot killing it outright, thanks to Glory of Gold. Kraken on the flank divides its attacks and kills the Machinist and one Vermin Gaurd. Stomp kills another one. The fight is a close win for the Elves (seven wounds + attack + flank) against the Vermin (four wounds, two ranks, banner, BSB). The Vermin stay and reform.

Vermin Swarm – Turn 4

Close Combat: Tyrant attacks the Kraken and deals three wounds. The Vermin Guard fail to do anything to the Kraken. The Kraken kills the BSB and some more Vermin Guard.

Dread Elves – Turn 5

Movement: Additional charges by Raiders and BSB are successful.

Magic: 5+1, no channels. Perception of Strength (6+5+3+3) on Vermin Guard is not dispelled (5D, 11). Altered Sight (6+6) on Vermin Guard is successful and deals one wound to the Oracle.

Close Combat: The BSB kills the Tyrant earning me the forfeit of the remaining Vermin Swarm forces.


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