Painting Overview

The Bleak Legion

This table gives a quick overview over all the painting I have completed for my Dread Elf army.

Unit Option / Name # Picture
Oracle Infantry 1 DSC_0890
Oracle Infantry 1 DSC_5068
Assassin Infantry 1 seite
Cult Priest Lily 1 DSC_5274
Captain Elven Horse 1 DunkelElfen-19
Dread Legionnaires Spears, Full Command 20 DSC_5711_2
Corsairs Full Command 29 hordeNah
Blades of Nabh Full Command 13 dunkelelfen-27
Blades of Nabh Full Command 13
Dark Raiders None 5 DunkelElfen-29
Repeater Auxiliaries Champion 12 darkshards02
Dread Reaper The Bleak Spear 1 DSC_5839
Dread Reaper The Copper Cutter 1 DSC_5850
Raptor Chariot None 1 to be done