Step-by-Step: Tanegashima Champion Painting

Dragon Empire Painting

Starting Point and Inspiration

After receiving my ~300 models from Titan Forge for my Empire of Sonnstahl army, I sat before the huge task to paint them all. For this I quickly realized I need something, that would not only look nice, but also be doable before 2050. Luckily for me I had inspiration to draw from, most noticable the pro-painted army from Ninth Age Forum user “Klexe”. With those pictures to draw inspiration from and most importantly see which parts of the miniature should be painted in the same colours, I could quickly adapt to create my own colour scheme.


Army of the Dawn marches into Battle


Welcome back to the Bleak Legion blog. After a longer hiatus it was time to give the Bleak Legion an even longer break and instead let my second army march into battle. The „Army of the Dawn“ is the expansive army of the Eastern Empire ruled by the God-Emperor. Like the rising sun, the Army of the Dawn is tasked with rising and expanding the rule of the empire.

In this particular battle the army marched north and faced some heathens praying to false gods of dark sins, instead towards the immortal God-Emperor. They were lead into battle by JB.

We played with standard rules 0.205, 4500 points on 2018-12-12.


Mythological Creatures


For the first time I visited my dearest opponent SH in his new flat where he is working. That meant we couldn’t play in his formidable dungeon, but had to make due with the carpet on his living room floor. Nonetheless I was excited to play against him and his Sylvan Elves with my Bleak Legion.

We played 4500 points with normal rules and used the map pack to decide upon the terrain features.

The game took place on 2018-04-28.


Corsairs: Where is the „Arrrr“?

What is this about?

Welcome to my first installment of the „ideas“ category on my block. After having provided feedback, criticism, and variour other things on the T9A forum, something became apparent. I don’t have a conclusive library of all the suggestions I made, all the ideas I produced and all the arguments I traded.

Whenever I want to go back to an idea I had, I need to find an old thread or even worse a specific posting of mine. Many times I searched in vain, my precious post lost in the depths of the forum, the wisdom (I am feeling particularly humble today 😉 ) lost forever.

This cannot stand, so once in a while I will post my ideas and rule suggestions here in my blog: For you to read, for everybody to see and for myself to dig it up again, everytime someone makes a similar suggestion, telling them I had that idea first (I just rely on people to have good humour and understand the joke and not just think me to be an idiot). So without further ado, here is the second post on that category (as I will re-label my old entry „Magic by Points“).


The Epic Comeback


After a League of Legends induced hiatus, I am back, just like Arnie.

The opportunity was too good to pass up: Christmas holidays and vacation and the 2.0 Beta just released before meant, that I could finally make the time, drive all the way to my good mate SH and do our first battle with the new rule set.

As this is still beta, we collected quite a bit of feedback, which I will share at the end of this article and also forward to the various teams concerned with the rules of Ninth Age.

While I, of course, brought my Bleak Legion to the fight, SH returned to his roots as well and fielded his first army, the Saurian Ancients. We played with the map pack, 4500 points and the default randomization of setup and secondary objective.


A Tale of Three Comets


After a long time I decided to do a battle report again. My smartphone is actually broken, so all pictures were taken with my replacement phone, the quality might be lacking a little.

Luckily the battle did not lack in that regard. EM was bringing his Vermin to invade/infect/eat up the lands of my Dread Elves. We played 4500 points with the standard ruleset: Random scenario, random secondary, random pick from the map pack.

This time the armies were quite alike. EM brought a mixed arms type of list, while I did pretty much the same, acting as if we didn’t know which army we’d be facing.

The game took place on 2018-08-14.


Sword versus Arrow


It was blood versus blood time again. The Highborn Elves and the Dread Elves. A hate-hate relationship only manageable with blood ties. My good friend SH brought on his host of arrow wielding Highborn aiming to pierce the armour of my Dread Elves from afar and claiming victory without every getting dirty in close combat.

My army on the other side was seeking that very thing like no other. It had close combat written all over. So it was Sword versus Arrow.

We played 4500 points with standard 1.3.4 rule set and without modifications. For the map we randomly determined one map from the map set.

The game took place on 2017-04-09 at my new home.


1.3 Dread Elves vs. Sylvan Elves


This is the second game on the same day again versus SH. After the Empire of Sonnstahl was defeated, the Dread Elf expedition force entered a bewitched forest. The trees whispered and the shadows played tricks, but nothing can fool the extraordinaire senses of the Dread Elves: The Sylvans are there, get ready to fight!

Again it is: 4500 points with standard rules and a randomly determined map from the map package on the slightly larger than usual gaming table in the Folterkeller.